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Puppies of very exclusive mating expected in the middle of March 2021

Ernestine Piccolo Bandito x Bonitas Spirit De Beers Millenium Star  

oznámení Berda Ernest.png
DSC_1064 (2).JPG

Cillian second in sprinter mix on coursing race in Kladruby nad Labem! Winning his first Res. CACT! We can´t be more proud of this boy! We enjoyed an amazing day with the bandito team!



Pregnancy confirmed! Bernadette & Darius are expecting some babies! 

Litter G should be born around the 8th of August.

puclik darius.jpg


Our boys Fabithas & Faladian are available for the best loving homes! If you are interested please contact me at



On 12th of June Antoinetta gave birth to her last litter - litter F! She did an amazing job as always, I´m so proud of her! Let us welcome here

a bandito trio:

Filipertula (grey girl - 218g)

Fabithas (black boy - 258g)

Faladian (black boy - 196g)

More about litter here 




Bernadette´s first love! <3 On sunday we went to visit this amazing 11y old gentleman. I´m amazed what a great condition he´s in. It was wonderful experience and we can´t wait to see if we were succesful.

puclik darius.jpg

Banditos are on the way! Litter F after our MultiChampion girl Antoinetta Il segreto dell´amore & Final Edition Ifrit from Germany expected in the middle of June 2019

litter F_upraveno.jpg


Litte F.jpg


GOLD RABBIT TROPHY Pardubice 28. 4. 2019

First coursing race for Cillian ended up by

an amazing result and 6th place

out of 12 sprinters in the mix! 


LITTER B reunion! After three years we had our Swiss girls Baldessine & her owner Isabelle visiting so it was a great oportunity for all girls from litter B to meet! Bernadette, Baldessine & Bathildis all together <3 



CILLIAN rocks at the oval! At the age of 23 months he took his first race and did great as always! Interbohemia SOFA Dog Wear - 6. 4. 2019 - First place as a Sprinter. 



Antoinetta´s in heat! If we are successful in a couple of days, we are getting expanded in June 2019. More info here.


Puppies planned!

For 2019 we would like to celebrate twice! Let´s see how our girls Antoinetta and Bernadette will do.


Litter E is here! 2 girls ELTRUDIS & ERNESTINE and 1 boy EDALHAES were born on 6th May 2018. They are doing great and so is their mom Antoinetta!


Welcome to the world C boys :) CILLIAN & CARVALHAS are available to the right families.

If you are interested, please contact me at :


Judita meets Kirin in Germany - mission completed.


BATHILDIS has found her new home! Unfortunately it´s her second time, but we hope this time it will last forever 3


Italian Greyhound Club show - Prague  12. 11. 2016

Bernadette Piccolo Bandito - Puppy  Class - 6 female entered - VP3

Archibaldo Piccolo Bandito - Intermediate class - Ex1, CAC

Antoinetta Il segreto dell´amore - Top Class - Ex1, Winner of Top class

Many thanks to judge Miroslav Vaclavik (CZE)!!!


DUO CACIB Prague -29. -30. 10. 2016

BERNADETTE Piccolo Bandito - Puppy  Class - 2xVP1

Antoinetta Il segreto dell´amore - Champion Class - Ex1, CAC, Res. CACIB / Ex. 1, CAC


BERNADTTE and her show debut!

Sighthound Fest Bohemia -  BABY class - Vp1

BIS2 Baby!!!!!

So proud of this little confident girl!


ARCHIBALDO was succesful on NDS in Mlada Boleslav and from 4 entered IG boys he got Ex1, CAJC under the judge Vladimir Panuska (CZ). We are very proud of our boy!!!! 



At the age of 12 weeks our BALDESSINE has joined her new family in Switzerland



Our girls have opened their eyes! One girl should stay at home with us and at least one of the rest is still available! We take more time for choosing the best homes for these little treasures :) If you are interested, please feel free to contact us anytime and don´t forget writing someting about you.  

What a SURPRISE! Three beautiful girl were born, all grey! 


23:15 - girl No. 1 - 188 g

00:00 - girl No. 2 - 180 g

1:32 - girl No. 3 - 168 g





the names: BERNADETTE, BALDESSINE and BATHILDIS, all are doing great



More than a half is behind us now. Mommy has a little belly and is doing fine :) 

Pregnancy confirmed! Today an ultrasound showed us 3 puppies in Antoinetta´s belly. Can´t wait to see them! Many thanks to Sandra and Lucien Sahulenka from Holland for providing us such a great dog! 


Fiefoerniek´s Franki Feels Groovy, called Dolf is beautiful 6 year old black male. He is very strong in bones, masculine in type, with elegance in his movement, he is also very proud and has a very special character! We are hoping for puppies of nice black colour with good health and charcter, very promising for shows :)  


all rights reserved to Fiefoerniek´s kennel

Visiting sighthound lovers! 

After long trip to a Netherlands our Antoinetta was mated to a dutch dog Fiefoerniek´s Franki Feels Groovy. He is a stunning 6 years old black boy with amazing character! We are lucky to have him as a father of our future litter B :) Sorry for a bad quality picture!


Antoinetta is in heat! It won´t take a long time and we are going to visit her fiancé :)


Archibaldo surprises at DUO CACIB Brno! 

Another show weekend passed for Judita´s boy Archibaldo. He entered the junior class again, having 3 other opponents in there. Anyway, he had made a huge step since last time, he has grown up a bit and it seems he has been developing nicely, he also showed himself well. Finally he got Excellent 1 and his first CAJC (JCAC).

The second day he was Excellent 2 (/4) which again was an amazing result for us. 

We are soo proud of him! 


We are nearly awaiting our Antoinetta´s heat period! 


On Sunday January 10, we (me and my girl Antoinetta) went to Brno to support our boy Archibaldo and his owner Petra on their first show together. Archie already had had some experience before, but for Petra it was her first time so she was very nervous, what was unfortunatelly passed on Archie too. They both were quite stressed in the show ring what reflected on their report - Archie got VG mark. But since he is 9 months old, we can´t be disappointed! He is still practising and he needs much more if he wants to be a champion one day.  In total I think it was quite nice debut!! :) I am proud of them both and looking forward to our next reunion in Brno, which hopefully will be in beginning of February. 

We also met our girl Alphonsine there, whom I hadn´t seen from summer! She really surprised me, because she is sooo wonderful but really very tiny little girl. I have always loved her character. She seemed to be happy seeing me and when I took her into my arms she imediately started to cuddle with me. What an amazing girl! 


We have already found the right male for our Judita! The lucky one will be Multi Champion Dark Legend´s Kirin, who lives in Germany. We are looking forward to visiting him and his kind owner in September! If everything is going well we will hope in bright coloured puppies! :)

Check more info about upcoming LITTER "C"

Male for my black girl Antoinetta has been chosen too, but we still want to keep this info as a secret until we are absolutely sure about it :) 

If you are interested in any of our Litters,

please contact us at:

+420 602 288 660


Piccolo Bandito Kennel

Vysoká nad Labem 206

Czech Republic



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